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Children's Church

10:45am Sundays

brite* curriculum is designed to help kids navigate

a changing culture, experience God’s presence,

and walk in the ways of Jesus.

brite* is centered on the Gospel.



January 2023
2023-01  Snowed In.png
February 2023
2023-02 Upside down Kingdom.png
December 2022
2022-12 Christmas Road Trip.png

Life can sometimes feel like a giant snowstorm where it’s impossible to see right in front of us. But the answer to all of our troubles in life is Jesus, and He is the one who can guide us the right way. 

Kids will journey from the Old Testament prophecies to angel visits in temples and homes, to the birth of the Promised Messiah in a stable in Bethlehem. Kids will discover that Jesus is the promised Messiah who brings us hope and joy.

The process of a Christ follower committing meaningful, intentional, and consistent time and space to a child or a group of children so that they may know who Jesus is and are known by a body of believers (Belong), to place their faith in Jesus and apply the Word of God (Believe), and to reproduce their own discipleship (Become) so that a third spiritual generation can lead and love like Jesus Christ.

Jesus surprised people at every turn during His earthly ministry. He showed in every interaction that His kingdom perspective was upside-down from the world’s norms. Jesus loved the unlovable, forgave the scorned, and healed the forgotten. 

March 2023
2023-03 One Small Step.png

Jesus came and taught the people what it really looks like to follow God. Through parables, personal interactions, and public demonstrations, Jesus taught that the way we live matters but we thankfully don’t have to do it alone. 

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